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Be a light in a dark place, illuminate the world in a beautiful way.

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We are a relevant light that attracts mankind to know Christ.

So many churches, so many options to choose from such as location, name, size, and more; going to a new church can be intimidating. At City Light Church, we are looking for families that have personal questions about God, life, purpose, and destiny. We want to be hand and hand with you as you strive to find answers and solutions to life's multiple complexities. We believe in the importance of community which to us means friendship and authenticity.

Starting off a Christian lifestyle is an experience which can make us a bit frightful. It is so important to have people around you who you can be real and honest with you. We aim to influence our surroundings by being a positive influence to everyone around us. We know it is possible to be a light even in the darkest moments. A Sunday church visit is not the get quick answer we need. We need a heart and life transformation. It is a start, but community plays an active role. Having the right people around you to support you and walk with you. For more thoughts and ideas on how to begin this new journey feel free to write us your thoughts and questions at

We train and prepare believers to be an attractive influence that transforms society.

We are extremely thankful for any contribution. Our vision and mission are highly fueled by the financial support of the saints. Share any prayer request or story for us via email. May the Lord Bless you. Thank you.

In conclusion of the fire, I can say God knew WHEN and HOW the fire would occur and WHO and WHERE each person would be involved in the puzzle. All those factors, altered by a few moments, could have caused greater and direr outcomes. I believe there is clear evidence of God controlling otherwise unforeseeable circumstances.
My perception of heroism is now to stay alive, overcome, and be available in every circumstance. No one will cherish, suffer or solace my family as I will. I will do my utmost to guarantee their quality of life is pure as can be.

Sermon on the Mount Christianity

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