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How blessed were the days when we could sit down with our children from infancy, to toddlerhood, up to kids, bigger and so on until they were beyond us in size, strength, and trust.

What a beautiful experience it was, to give instruction on shoe tying, outfit choosing, hand washing, teeth brushing, and more. How happily we remember moments we sowed important principles such as truth versus lying, love versus hate, organization, and cleanliness. How tenderly we remember to sit, to watch, to talk, to be silly, to love, to laugh and to be goofy again… Somehow, life got too complicated, and it is not as pure and beautiful as when it began.

If you are a believer in God, Christ, and the purpose of life, beloved, parenthood has just begun. Sure, our children don’t need us like they used to, but they need us nonetheless, even if they swear they don't.

This father’s day, let us celebrate men who stick around through each life stage, from building to watching and to resting. Let us encourage men who don’t have children but raise them. Let us remember to honor today, men who don’t have girlfriends but who are husbands and hold their family together.

If we have not had the experience to grow up in such a home or place, may God give us the grace and passion to do everything that seemed unreachable to us at our youth. There is no reason to repeat what has called us harm, rather learn and create what we have always wanted.

God Bless you Fathers and future men who are paving the way for a new world, a new chapter, a new experience that is attainable if we ask the Lord for help and hold on to the beautiful and unforgettable journey of life. Happy Father’s Day Real Men!

Good afternoon! Here is the schedule for this Monday's Summer Camp. Please review, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at: 480 389-1412 Sunday June 10 (tomorrow) at 10:45 AM we will...

We are a relevant light that attracts mankind to know Christ.

So many churches, so many options to choose from such as location, name, size, and more; going to a new church can be intimidating. At City Light Church, we are looking for families that have personal questions about God, life, purpose, and destiny. We want to walk with you as you strive to find answers and solutions to life's multiple complexities. We believe in the importance of community which to us means friendship and authenticity.

Starting off a Christian lifestyle is an experience which can make us a bit frightful. A Sunday church visit is not the get quick answer we need. We need a heart and life transformation. It is a start, but community plays an active role. It is important to have the right people around you who support you in this process. For more thoughts and ideas on how to begin this new journey feel free to write us your thoughts and questions at

We train and prepare believers to be an attractive influence that transforms society.

We are extremely thankful for any contribution. Our vision and mission are highly fueled by the financial support of the saints. Share any prayer request or story for us via email. May the Lord Bless you. Thank you.

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