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So many churches, so many options to choose from such as location, name, size, and more; going to a new church can be intimidating. At City Light Church, we are looking for families that have personal questions about God, life, purpose, and destiny.

God First in my Marriage

Fighting to make my marriage last

John is born and raised in Texas but has spent the last eight years deep in the Colombian culture. He has been mentored by great leaders in no particular order: Cesar and Claudia Fajardo of Sin Muros Ministerio Internacional Bogota, Colombia; Warren Beemer of Healing Place Church San Antonio, TX; the late David Wilkerson of Times Square Church New York City, NY; and John Hagee of Cornerstone Church San Antonio, TX.

Entering his last year of Ministry School in 2002, he took an opportunity to move to Bogota, Colombia, and intern for the mega church, Mision Carismatica Internacional Bogota, Colombia, where he met his wife to be and moved back to the states. It was a few years later that he would return to Colombia and be an Assistant Pastor under Cesar Fajardo, this was made possible by his youth pastor Warren Beemer’s mentorship and guidance. Pastoring along side Cesar Fajardo in Colombia was a life changing experience for him, especially the passionate family values he learned there. He had the opportunity to train the leadership, and write a Study Guide on the Sermon on the Mount for discipleship purposes.

Yahara was raised in the church Mision Charismatic under the leadership of Cesar and Claudia Fajardo. She was the supervisor of the International Bookstore and communications company. Prior to moving to Arizona, she and her sister successfully ran a wedding and event planning business in Bogota. Yahara has currently established that company in Arizona. Yahara speaks many times a year at City Light Church. She shares a graceful and prophetic message that encourages men and woman in their faith. An essential value of the Garza family comes from Yahara’s cultural Colombian heritage which focuses on the unity, love and respect within the familial core.

The Garzas moved to Chandler, Arizona with a desire to connect young adults and families to experience Jesus Christ as the prime focus of their life. John and Yahara are the parents of two children, a nine-year-old boy, and a four-year-old girl. A Texan, Colombian, Guamanian, Irish and Mexican mixed family of all sorts of heritage but most importantly a heart to love and help others!

We are extremely thankful for any contribution. Our vision and mission are highly fueled by the financial support of the saints. Share any prayer request or story for us via email. May the Lord Bless you. Thank you.